Fall JDS President’s Message

This year has challenged our profession in ways we have not seen but I am optimistic we can continue to safely navigate through this pandemic. I am incredibly proud of our local dentists as well as our local and state dental organizations in staying unified and focused on our patient’s health as well as that of our staff and families. The Jacksonville Dental Society is excited to begin our Fall season as we have moved our meetings to a new venue this year. The Marriott will be the host this year as it provides adequate space for our members to attend while maintaining social distancing guidelines. If you have not yet done so, please consider renewing your membership for 2020-2021.
Our First meeting will be held on September 17th and will cover “Human Trafficking Prevention” as is required by our state board by January 1, 2021.
On October 22, our local member dentist, Alex Fetner, will present on “What’s Hot and What’s Not in Periodontics.”
On behalf of the Jacksonville Dental Society Board, we look forward to another great year and can’t wait to see you in the Fall.
Stay safe and healthy!

-Patrick Weaver