Fall JDS President’s Message

Dear Jacksonville Dental Society members,

It is an honor, and I am humbled to be the new president. I want to express my appreciation and dedication to helping the society achieve its mission. It has been a privilege to serve as vice president for the society for the past year and work with the board. Without doubt, this last year has been a time of growth for me personally and professionally enduring the pandemic.

We will continue to provide high quality continuing education through keynote speakers and assist you in expressing your concerns to the Florida Dental Association. In addition, collectively helping approach various professional challenges in our local community. While navigating through all the new regulations together to maintain all our practices and ensure the safety of our patients.

We hope that all of you will join us at the Florida Dental Convention meeting (June 24-25) to discover the Pathways to Success. In addition, the Florida Mission of Mercy will be held July 30-31 at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center.

I would like to thank our former president Dr. Patrick Weaver, who has given so much to the society over the last few years. His guidance, leadership, and hard work to increase membership have been invaluable. Our unified voice will help us continue to address the previous challenges and new ones on the horizon. With your support may this year best your most rewarding!


Christopher H. Henry