About Us

The Jacksonville Dental Society (JDS) is an affiliate of the Northeast District Dental Association (NEDDA). The organization was initially started on July 27, 1911, with the name: Jacksonville Society of Dental Surgeons. The organization was later incorporated on December 5, 1969, with the name: Jacksonville Dental Society, Incorporated.

The primary purpose of the organization is to provide continuing education to its member dentists, and their auxiliaries. This is accomplished by a series of “Dinner Meetings” throughout the year. The Events Calendar of this website lists the projected speakers/programs for this Fiscal Year
(1 June-31 May).

The organization also works to represent organized dentistry in the Greater Jacksonville area. Currently, JDS has approximately 215 Active members and approximately 17 Retired Life members on its roles. JDS also manages the annual “Give Kids A Smile” initiative in the Greater Jacksonville area. This event is generally held during the month of February.

The JDS encourages, and welcomes, all dentists in the Greater Jacksonville area to join our organization, and become a part of our mission to support dental education, community service, and professional comradery in our area.